What Vegan Milk Is Best For Tea?

There are a variety of useful (and delicious!) plant-based milk on the market, ranging from Coconut and Almond Milk to Cashew Milk and Soya Milk.

But, what vegan milk is best for tea? The answer is that it all depends on how you prefer yours.

Best Vegan Milk For Tea

Some dairy milk, such as buttermilk and heavy cream, are particularly suitable for tea. This is because the proteins in dairy milk, known as caseins, bind with the tannins in teas, allowing them to dissolve. 

However, nut milk such as almond milk and cashew milk are also excellent for tea. This is due to the fact that nut milk, such as almond milk and cashew milk, is high in protein, which binds to tannins in teas in the same way that caseins do.

In this article, I’ll go over all of the best vegan milk substitutes for a delicious tea.

What is the best vegan milk for tea?

Cashew Milk

Cashew nut milk is an excellent alternative for regular dairy milk in your cup of tea. It is derived from plant sources and can even be made at home. Most importantly, this vegan milk enhances the flavor of the tea. In my tea, I really enjoy the rich aroma of this vegan milk.

Cashew milk is a non-dairy milk alternative created by blending wet cashews into a smooth creamy liquid then straining it. Cashew milk is a healthier substitute for cow’s milk. 

Compared to cow’s milk, it has 33% less cholesterol and 30% fewer calories. The nutrients that make up the rest of the meal are essentially comparable.

Coconut Milk

Vegans use coconut milk to replace all of their daily needs. My vegan friends drink this milk with their tea on a daily basis. It adds flavor to the tea while also thickening it. To be honest, some of my non-vegan friends did not enjoy the tea made with this milk.

Best Milk Alternatives for Tea

Grated coconut meat is used to make coconut milk. Coconut milk, with its rich and creamy flavor, has a wide range of applications. It is typically sold canned or in cartons, and it is available in sweet or unsweetened varieties. This milk is a good source of vitamins and a healthy alternative to cow’s milk.

Soy milk

For a long time, lots of folks have consumed soy milk. Many of my favorite vegans make their tea with this milk. But I personally don’t like it much to be honest. This milk, by the way, makes a great thickener for milk tea.

Soya milk is a dairy product made from soybeans. This vegan milk is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, protein, iron, and carbs, making it a vital part of one’s diet.

Calcium is also rich in soy milk. It also contains a lot of protein and calcium, which the body needs. Vitamin D is also high in this vegan milk.

Hazelnut milk

Hazelnut milk is specialty milk. It can make your tea aromatic like your favorite Hazelnut latte.

Hazelnuts add flavor, fiber, and nutrients to dishes. This plant-based milk is both healthy and delicious.

Lactose intolerant individuals should consider using hazelnut milk in their tea. The milk has a sweet taste and is made from ground-up hazelnuts. People who are allergic to nuts should avoid drinking hazelnut milk.

Milk of oatmeal

Oat milk is a milk blend that contains both organic and conventional milk. Organic vegan oat milk has higher levels of fat and protein than conventionally produced milk. Many vegans add this milk to their tea and enjoy it very much.

Oatmeal milk is widely available in supermarkets and is less expensive per cup than regular milk. This milk is not suitable for people with diabetes.

Lactose intolerant people and others with milk allergies love oat milk. This milk includes no cholesterol and only 0.5 grams of saturated fat per serving.

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Almond milk

Almond milk is a rich, creamy, and nutrient-dense beverage. This vegan milk alternative has numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. The best benefit of this vegan milk is it is low in calories.

I am using almond milk frequently for making tea and dessert items. And trust me this milk has never disappointed me.

Best vegan milk


In conclusion, milk is an important component of tea. For making tea and coffee, we have a variety of vegan milk alternatives. But, when it comes to tea, which vegan milk is the best?

Soy milk is probably the best for tea, but almond milk is a close second because it has fewer calories. Whatever you choose, remember to smile and say “Thank you,” because each cup of tea is a thank you to the plant for providing us with such a wonderful beverage.

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