What Chocolate is Vegan?

Did you know that the Latin name of chocolate means Food of the Gods? This explains chocolate’s popularity throughout the years. Even in this time chocolate is loved by everyone from children to adults. But the moment you become vegan you become conscious about everything you consume. 

Chocolate is no exception. So we will be giving you a listing of vegan chocolate brands. You can carry them to any adventure as a snack. Or just give your sweet tooth a little satisfaction. All the brands here make chocolate with super simple yet delicious chocolate.

So, what chocolate is vegan? Let’s check them out.

What chocolate is vegan? Try these 10 options

1. Hu’s Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate

Hu’s Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate

Chocolate with a little bit of crunch is like everything you ever wanted is combined in one place. Yes, this is Hu’s chocolate bar that is one of the most popular chocolates. If you have never heard of it you are missing something from your life. 

The crispy puffed quinoa and the dry roasted almond make the taste of chocolate better. It’s also great for heart health, so you are not harming yourself too much by consuming chocolate. And the best thing about the chocolate is it’s not made of emulsifiers, cane sugar, or harmful ingredients like soy lecithin. 

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2. Evolved Chocolate 

What Chocolate Is Vegan : Evolved Chocolate

Do you like bitter chocolate more than sweet ones? If yes then this is the stuff for you. It’s made of cashew milk instead of real dairy. But that does not make the chocolate less creamy at all. The chocolate is made without thousands of ingredients. 

Only seven ingredients made this smooth and creamy chocolate. The chocolate has 40% cacao that can sometimes be bitter for some people. So keep that in mind while buying it for a gift.

3. No Whey Foods – Milkless Chocolate Bars

No Whey Foods - Milkless Chocolate Bars

It’s hard to deal with allergy especially when you are allergic to tasty stuff in chocolate. But our brain craves chocolate now and then. What to do then? Find something that is made of the simplest ingredients and does not trigger your allergy. 

This chocolate by No Whey Foods is made of just cocoa butter and cane sugar. The creamy texture comes from the cocoa butter and you will never miss dairy milk ever again. The chocolate does not have any egg, dairy, peanut, or wheat. So what are you waiting for?

4. Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate, with Coconut Milk (55%)

Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate

If you are a Hershey lover but cannot have it as it’s not vegan then you will love this chocolate. This chocolate is sweet and creamy just like a normal milk chocolate bar. How is that so? Because it’s made with coconut milk and coconut palm sugar. 

Even if someone who is not vegan but allergic to dairy can indulge in this chocolate. It’s also fairly traded cocoa that is harvested by small scale farmers. So taste the luscious and rich chocolate without any guilt at all. You will not be disappointed as it’s one of the best non-dairy milk out in the market. 

5. Chocolove, Almonds, and Sea Salt in Dark Vegan Chocolate

Chocolove, Almonds, and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate

When you get a balance of dark chocolate and sea salt you are likely to never stop eating that chocolate. It’s so addictive that you will have a hard time stopping yourself. The crunchy almonds in the chocolate will also not help in the addiction. 

Grainy chocolate turns off the mood of having chocolate. The smoother the texture of the chocolate the better. It’s not something that a person with a nut allergy should eat. But if you are not it’s a must-try. It’s far better than the things you find in grocery stores.

6. Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

When you bite into a chocolate and feel like it’s bliss to be able to taste it then it’s good. And you will feel this bliss when you bite the Vego chocolate bar. The whole hazelnut adds crunch and taste to the chocolate. Vegans do not find good chocolates but when you find something like this try it must. 

Try the chocolate no matter if you are vegan or not. It can beat any non-vegan chocolate in taste. The chocolate bar is rich, delicious but not as big as you may eat too much. 

7. Alter Eco | Chocolate Bars | Pure Dark Cocoa, Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars Pure Dark Cocoa

If you are looking for a premium quality vegan chocolate to gift someone then go for the Alter Eco one. It’s a pack of 12 bars containing 90% dark cocoa. If the person you are gifting is a dark chocolate lover, it will be the best gift for them. With this chocolate, they can make so many delicious chocolate recipes. 

The chocolate bar has a good snap and it melts in the creamiest texture. If you already have an acquired taste for dark chocolate you are going to love it. Going back to other chocolate will be hard for you.

8. Endangered Species Chocolate Extreme Dark Chocolate Bar

Endangered Species Chocolate Extreme Dark Chocolate Bar

Did you know chocolates in the market contains some amount of heavy metal toxins? The manufacturing process or the soil is responsible for this. But this chocolate has no such metal in it as it’s tested by a consumer lab. The chocolate is low in sugar but when you make recipes with it, it’s exquisite. 

When you are buying chocolate from an Endangered species a part of the profit goes to the welfare of endangered species. On one side you are enjoying good chocolate and doing well for animals. What a great excuse for having chocolate. 

9. Fine, Artisanal, Vegan Chocolate Gift: Amore di Mona

Fine, Artisanal, Vegan Chocolate Gift

Luxurious chocolate is the best thing to give as chocolate. For that, you must chooase the Amore di Mona chocolate. It’s free of many allergens like gluten, soy, nut, or milk. So no matter whom you give these delicious gifts they can enjoy it. Also, you can get some of the chocolate as soft desserts. It’s all organic, raw, and chemical-free. 

10. UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars 

UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

Are you a fan of dark chocolate and coconut at the same time? Now your dream of having them together is finally coming true. It’s only made of three simple ingredients and those are cassava syrup, dark chocolate, and organic coconut. 

It only contains 3 gm of sugar per serving. So you are not compromising on your health that much. Especially people with diabetes can bite on it without feeling life risk. 

Final thoughts

Vegans choose to eat food without animal-derived ingredients and chemicals. If you can cut all these but still taste good chocolate then why nonvegan chocolates? So try these chocolates, taste the deliciousness, and get attached to vegan chocolates for life.

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