10 Vegan Salad Dressings That Will Level Up Your Salad Game

Do you often find yourself crying whenever you see a bowl of salad? Yeah, it’s normal to do that seeing a bowl of bland food. But a gorgeous bowl of crispy lettuce, tasty toppings, and plant-based proteins with a good salad dressing should not be bland.

You have not tried the best vegan salad dressing yet which made your feelings for a salad like that. Here are our 10 best picks of salad dressings that will change the taste of your salad.

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Best Vegan Salad Dressings

#1. Primal kitchen

Primal kitchen

Eating something delicious and healthy at the same time sounds like a myth right? Try the vegan ranch by Primal kitchen and forget the misconception about healthy food. It’s made with avocado oil and tastes tangy. You can use it for multiple purposes like veggie dipping.

Once you taste your salad with it you cannot go back to your old one. They also have varieties of vegan mayo and lemon turmeric vinaigrette. You can buy all things together and enjoy a delicious feast together.

#2. Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own vegan Salad Dressing

A philanthropist brand is always on my list for good purposes. But that does not mean the salad dressing does not taste delicious. If you want varieties of salad dressings in different tastes you know Newman’s is the place to go for. But read the labels first to make sure the salad dressing you are buying is vegan.

Because some of the dressings are not vegan. We would recommend you getting balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil and vinegar options. 100% of the profit of the company goes to charity. So you are doing charity work while enjoying just a bowl of salad. That’s a great bargain, to be honest.

#3. Skinnygirl

Skinnygirl vegan salad dressings

While we enjoy delicious oily food now and then we have to watch our calorie intake. For that low-calorie salad dressing may save the day for you. But that does not mean you want to let go of the taste and flavor. A mix of greens, berries, and roasted nuts with Skinnygirl’s vinaigrette will make your summer brighter.

Enjoy the salad poolside but you do not even have to worry about the pool ready body. Because the skinnygirl vegan salad dressing only contains 5 to 10 calories per serving. So what are you waiting for? Go get the varieties of Skinnygirl vegan vinaigrettes that they offer.

#4. Organicville


The name already sounds like an organic foodie utopia that we all want ourselves to be in. as that’s not quite possible you can just create your utopia by bringing their vegan salad dressings. Our recommendation is the Herbs de Provence, French, and the non-dairy ranch.

You can try different varieties to experiment. Are you a miso fan? Then you can pick up the miso ginger vinaigrette. For any fans of miso, this is a great option to keep handy. Now you do not need a drive back to the Korean grocery store when you crave miso.

#5. Daiya

Daiya vegan salad dressing

If you have vegan cheese products a lot you may have heard about the brand Daiya. Their salad dressing is as good as their cheese products. This plant-based brand is a blessing for flavor lovers. Daiya will glow up your salad more and it will tempt you to try more salads than usual. As it’s gluten and soy-free you do not have to worry about allergies.

#6. Briannas


Briannas is specialized in making salad dressing only. So you know it’s the real deal as they are specialists in this area. They have so many vegan varieties to choose from. Poppyseed, blush wine, and real French vinaigrette are the real deal in their collection. The French one does not look fluorescent red but it sure tastes amazing. If you want to get only one then go for the French one as it’s the best of all.

#7. Waldon farm’s creamy bacon dressing

Waldon farm’s creamy bacon dressing

If you are not allergic to soy or do not have enmity with soy you must try this dressing. It’s infused with soy bacon bits to add extra crunch to your delicious salad. It’s a low-calorie dressing that avoids fat and sugar as much as they can. They have nine types of dressings that you can choose from. The buttermilk ranch particularly was a hit at our house.

#8. Trader Joe’s green goddess salad dressing

Trader Joe’s green goddess salad dressing

If looks could convince that food is delicious then this green goddess salad dressing by Trader Joe’s is delicious. The blend of avocado, chive, and basil makes it as flavorful as it can be. It will also add an interesting color to your salad while making it delicious. So on your next trip to Trader Joe’s don’t forget to add this to your cart.

#9. Just Caesar Dressing

Just Caesar Dressing

If you know this brand then you might know it from 2014 when it changed the mayonnaise world. The caeser dressing will not disappoint you either. The tanginess of the dressing comes from tomatoes and the sweetness is from beetroot. The thickness came from the yellow pea protein. And all this combined made a heaven of flavors. This is Just’s salad dressing that you cannot afford to miss by any chance. They have five more varieties also you can try if you are interested.

#10. Hilary’s Eat Well Organic Ranch Chia Dressing

Hilary’s Eat Well Organic Ranch Chia Dressing

People with different food allergies often feel left out. But Hilary’s Eat Well has kept them in mind and is on a mission to make allergy-free food. The dressing is made of coconut milk, chia seed, and apple cider vinegar, mustard, and different spices. It does not contain any soy, egg, dairy, or corn. So enjoy your salad bowl peacefully and don’t worry about allergies.

Final thoughts

Food is the most important part of our lives. It holds an emotional value as well. When you cannot reach for delicious food you will not feel good mentally no matter how healthy the food is. That’s why we tried to bring some tasty vegan salad dressings. Now enjoy your healthy food and feel better than ever.

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