What is Vegan At McDonald’s?

All the restaurants and fast food places are offering meatless options nowadays. The impossible burger that exactly tastes like a good beef burger or meatless tacos is a show stopper. You can say that the world is becoming suitable for the vegan lifestyle. 

You can eat vegan food at non-vegan restaurants as they keep options. But what about the McDonalds? Are they offering vegan options? That’s a matter of big debate. So, the question is what is vegan at McDonalds? Let’s see if our favorite McDonalds has anything vegan to try out. 

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Does McDonalds serve anything vegan?

Sorry for bursting your bubble that McDonald’s does not have anything vegan-certified. Yeah, I can sense your disappointment. Some items in their menu seem vegan friendly. But alas! They are not.  

Maybe you are thinking about French fries. It’s just fried potato! How can it not be vegan? But it’s not. To enhance the flavor of the fries they use animal fats. Which is a big no for vegans. It also contains milk derivatives.

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McDonald’s does not have a vegan certification because of the fear of cross-contamination. But is it possible to stay away from McDonald’s? There are some simple vegan-friendly options that you can try. So you don’t have to completely stay away from McDonald’s1. .

1. Fruit and Maple Oatmeal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If it’s done right then the rest of the day goes well. If you love to grab breakfast on your way to work you can grab the Fruit and Maple oatmeal. Ask them to not give any cream in there and you are good to go. This is a quick and healthy breakfast to kick start the day. 

2. Apple slices

Apple slices

Why should kids have all the fun? You can also enjoy the apple slices of McDonald’s being a fully grown adult. And it’s confirmed vegan. So you can grab the apple slices with your breakfast to make it complete. 

3. Minute maid slushie

If you are in for a refreshing treat then this one seems to be a good option. It’s not healthy, to be honest, but it’s not bad either when you do not have any other options. So don’t feel guilty to try out this refreshing drink.

4. McCafé coffee

McCafé coffee

Coffee in McDonald’s is not suitable for vegans. All of them contain some amount of dairy. But the black coffee or an Americano will be best if you have to have a caffeine drink there. Caffeine for a day will be sorted.

5. Southwest salad

McDonald’s does not claim that any of their salads are vegan. But they do say that they will make salad according to your demand. If you have any dietary restrictions they will cut it out from salad.

So you can eat one thing without worrying much about the animal-derived ingredients.  The Southwest salad has black beans as the protein that will not make you miss chicken. While ordering, just tell them to not make the salad with cheese and chicken. That will sort your salad. 

6. Side salad

Side salad

The side salad of McDonald’s contains baby spinach, carrot, baby kale, grape, romaine, tomato, and red leaf lettuce. All these are greens and thus vegan. When you order the salad, tell them to make the side salad with balsamic vinaigrette. 

7. Apple pie

Apple pie

Who does not love a good apple pie? Especially when it’s from McDonald’s? Though it’s not vegan certified the ingredients are all vegan friendly. 

You cannot enjoy the McFlurries or chocolate chip cookies so apple pie is a good dessert option. It’s safe to eat as a vegan when you are with friends in a Mcdonald’s but don’t have other options. 

Final thoughts

When you go to McDonald’s you have to remember that your options are very limited. So keep your mind positive from the beginning. You can customize some of the menus there. So ask them about your options so that you have something to try. 

Keep some snacks with you if you have to go there with friends. Keep a nut butter to the top on an English muffin or a pack of nuts to add to your salad. These will solve your problem. I guess, now you know, what is vegan at McDonalds. You can read more FAQs about vegan on our Did you know section. Also read about vegan salad dressings.

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