Easy DIY Vegan Lipstick Recipe

As a vegan, it’s hard to find good food around as most people are not vegan. But the struggle is bigger in the makeup industry.

Not many people care about animal rights and that makes most lipstick unsuitable for vegans. Even there are companies that claim that they are vegan but they use carmine that is not vegan at all.

Vegan Lipstick Recipe

When you find one of the best vegan lipsticks you will not prefer to buy it because it’s a bit pricey. What to do in this situation? You can make your lipstick. Can’t believe that’s possible? This vegan lipstick recipe will help you to make your own lipstick at home.

How vegan lipstick should be?

If you make lipstick by yourself but it does not work for you then what’s the point of making it? So first keep a vision of how you want your lipstick to be. Do you want a matte one or a glossy one?

Mostly it’s easier to make a glossy lipstick because of all the moisturizing ingredients that are easily available. Your homemade lipstick should be smooth and should not dry your lips. 

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What ingredients vegan lipstick recipe requires?

There are so many ingredients that you can use in your homemade lipstick. There is one recipe that uses beeswax. But it’s considered an animal product so beeswax is out of the list. You can use mimosa wax instead of beeswax.

Mimosa wax comes from a flower that is safe for allergic people and has a beautiful smell to it. Here are ingredients that you can use for this vegan lipstick recipe.

  • Mimosa wax 7 gr.
  • Almond oil 5 gr.
  • shea butter 7 gr.

How do I obtain the color of my lipstick?

The color part can be tricky sometimes. Use all-natural ingredients for color. But try to make in small batches first to see if the color you want is coming perfectly.

For the red color, you can use cherries, red cranberry, and red beetroot. These usually give a beautiful red color.

For nude colors, you can try cocoa powder, coffee, and cinnamon. For purple color, you can use blueberry or blackberry. Yeah, the color option is a little tight when you are using natural ingredients.

Vegan Lipstick

How to prepare my vegan lipstick?

Things you need

  • Two pots
  • A mixing spatula
  • A funnel and 
  • A lipstick container

Now take a pan and dissolve your mimosa wax, almond oil, and shea butter. Let them melt there and mix that for at least 7 minutes. Now create the natural dye that you want to put in your lipstick. 

Take 40 grams of the fruit you are using and put that in 200 ml of water. Put that mixture on your stove and let that fruit melt. Once you feel that the fruit dissolved into the water well then separate the fruit pulp with help of a colander.

Put that colored water back into the stove and let that water dry out. At last, you will have fruit sugar. Then you can pour the fruit sugar into your lipstick mixture. 

Mix everything well and then pour that into your lipstick container. Refrigerate it for a day. The next day it will be ready for you to use. That’s how you make your very own lipstick mixture. 

Final thoughts

You see how easy it is to make your very own vegan lipstick using this simple recipe. If you are a minimal makeup lover this lipstick will be enough for you. As it’s all organic and homemade it will not harm your lips. The almond oil and shea butter will take good care of your lips as well. 

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