Is Skimmed Milk Vegan? (Fact Checked)

Milk is a big issue in the vegan community. Milk is attached to more moral and emotional parts than being an actual animal product. Vegans do not support drinking milk or consuming it any other way. Because the milk is more important for the calf than us.

Humans will never miss milk more than the calf misses its mother. Farms keep calf and cow apart so that they can get more milk to sell. Among different milk products, you have heard about skim milk. You may wonder if skim milk is vegan. Here we are discussing all skim milk. 

Our Did You Know series answers all of your basic veganism questions. Don’t miss this opportunity.

What is skimmed milk?

When the milk fat is removed from milk it is called skimmed milk. People consume it as a beverage or use it in recipes like normal milk. The difference is that skim milk has a lot fewer calories than normal ones. Nowadays people want to consume as few calories as they can. So skimmed milk is considered to be healthy in the non-vegan community. As it’s labeled as healthy many vegans may get confused with it being vegan.

Is skimmed milk vegan?

No, it’s not vegan at all. Skimmed milk is still milked no matter how much fat is taken out of it. It’s still coming from a cow, unlike other plant based milk. Some people confuse healthy food with veganism. Yes, vegan food is healthy indeed but the core purpose of veganism was never health. It was about the rights of the animal from the very beginning. 

Skim Milk Vegan

Is skimmed milk vegetarian?

If you are a vegetarian and don’t mind drinking milk or egg sometimes then skimmed milk is not problematic for you. The vegetarian diet allows milk in it, so skimmed milk is vegetarian. 

Is there any vegan who drinks milk?

There is honestly no such thing as Lacto vegan who will drink milk and call themselves vegan. But to each their own. They can consume dairy and dairy products like kefir, ghee, or direct milk. But that’s mainly called a vegetarian diet, not a vegan diet. The same goes for those who choose to eat an egg. Eggs are part of a vegetarian diet. The main concern here is saving animal rights. Even if you are consuming milk and egg you are still doing your part by not consuming other animal products.

Is skimmed milk vegan

Is there any alternate to skimmed milk for vegans?

People think once you go vegan, food options are so much short for you. You cannot indulge in good food anymore. But the truth is there are so many vegan food options just like in the non-vegan diet. 

When you are replacing skimmed milk with any other vegan milk option you have to remember it should be low fat. And the consistency must be thin in texture so that it goes well with the recipes. Another thing you should consider is that the milk should have a neutral taste. These are the criteria that most plant-based milk can fulfill easily. 

You can try soy milk or almond milk as a replacement for skimmed milk. Though almond milk lacs protein and soy milk have bit more calories. Now you choose which one you prefer. 

Also, there are coconut, flax, and oat milk available that vegans can enjoy instead of milk. You can try a different one to choose which one you prefer more.

Final thoughts   

We have always known milk to be healthy for us. But milk from the animal is not always as healthy as we believe. You can survive on plant-based milk and try tasty recipes with it. Most importantly you can stop the injustice that happens to a calf when the farm keeps them away from their mother.

Our Did You Know series answers all of your basic veganism questions. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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