Is Orbit Gum Vegan? Here is What We Found

Is orbit gum vegan? Find out why everyone’s favorite eco-friendly gum is vegan-friendly.

Orbit Gum is the ultimate, fun-filled way to keep yourself clean and fresh all day. People chew this gum to hold their breath clean. It also helps them to concentrate more on their work.

Is Orbit Gum Vegan

What is Orbit Gum?

Orbit gum is a chewable form that offers a refreshing mouthfeel and pleasant flavor.

Orbit Gum has been around since the 19th century. Wrigley owns this chewing gum brand.

They relaunched in the USA in 2001. And it has become very popular.

It is available in flavors like spearmint, peppermint, winter mint, citrus, strawberry, etc. Everyone likes to chew this gum, even vegans.

Is Orbit Gum Vegan?

According to the company’s website, Orbit gum is made with ingredients sourced from the highest quality, organic, and natural ingredients, which include: Sorbitol, Gum Base, Glycerol, and Natural And Artificial Flavors.

Artificial flavors are technically considered Vegan, but some strict vegans might have a different opinion. But other ingredients are considered Vegan friendly.

There is no animal-based ingredient used in this gum. And the company doesn’t taste it on animals. So Orbit gum could technically be considered vegan.

Orbit Gum Vegan

Why Is Orbit Gum Vegan?

Orbit gum uses all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients. That’s why it is considered vegan chewing gum. As discussed earlier, there is some confusion among the vegan community about artificial flavors. But most moderate vegans ignore this issue. So, we consider Orbit as vegan chewing gum.

Which Flavors of Orbit are vegan?

Most of the flavors of Orbit uses similar ingredient. So you can say all their flavors are vegan. But to make a shortlist.

We have found the following flavors to confirm Vegan.

  • Sweet mint
  • Peppermint
  • Wintermint
  • Peppermint White
  • Spearmint
  • Spearmint White
  • Bubblemint

Why do some people think Orbit is not Vegan?

Gelatin coating was once used by Orbit gum in the long past. However, some people still believe that it still consists of such ingredients.

But that’s not true anymore. The company has made the gum utterly vegan friendly as the practicing vegans are growing very fast. And they don’t want to lose their customers.

Does Orbit Gum Cause Mouth Cancer?

Some studies show excessive use of chewing gum can cause mouth cancer. That’s true for Orbit as well. But there is no specific claim or evidence on this gum found on this issue. 

To be safe, vegans shouldn’t use too much-chewing gums.


In conclusion, The main reason why orbit chewing gum is vegan is that the base is made of all-natural ingredients. The ingredients list only contains all food grades and is safe for vegan consumption.

The only questionable element is artificial flavors, but since it’s used in small amounts, they can be ignored.

So, overall we can tell that, yes, Orbit gum is vegan.

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