Is Lactic Acid vegan?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that many people saved from animal life. But it’s a tough decision to cling to it because of the use of animal-derived products nearly in everything. But are we going to give up because it’s hard? No, obviously not.

It’s better to get more education and keep the belief that animal lives matter. Lactic acid confuses vegans most. We will talk about everything that is concerned with lactic acid. Is lactic acid vegan, if it is what the sources of it are everything.

Is Lactic Acid vegan

What is lactic acid?

We find lactic acid on food that has been fermented. It has a tangy taste to it. You will get this on foods as flavors and directly on fermented food of all kinds. We all assume lactic acid is an animal-derived product because the word lactic comes from lactose. And the Latin word for milk is lac.

But we are so wrong because they produce lactic acid from a certain bacterium through the fermentation process. But that fermentation process can be started with milk or particular food that is not animal-derived. So if you are not getting your lactic acid from milk, you are okay.

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What does lactic acid do?

Lactic acid bacteria turn sugar into lactic acid. The process stops other bacteria from growing and making their own territory. Because of that, the food does not go wrong.

In fact, it tastes better when the fermentation process is complete. It’s a very ancient process of preserving food when the freezer was not a thing. But it turns out it has health benefits too.

What are the foods that contain lactic acid?

Now that you are safe from milk derived from lactic acid, you want to know the food that will provide lactic acid. These foods are everywhere near your hands. If you look at your kitchen, you might find some now.

Kefir, yogurt, and cheese contain lactic acid, which as a vegan, you should not eat. Pickled vegetables are a good source of lactic acid, or the pickled cucumber you love has lactic acid.

There is nothing better than a piece of good sourdough bread, and that contains lactic acid. Or if you are Asian, your household is filled with food with lots of lactic acids. Those are kimchi, miso, and soya sauce.

If you already do not have these, just run to an Asian grocery store to give yourself that lactic acid your body deserves. Or just make some sauerkraut at home, and nothing can beat that.

Is lactic acid vegan?

When your lactic acid is sourced from the vegetables and cereals, its vegan, if it’s derived from milk, then it’s not. But in every country, it may not be the case as some human-made lactic acid can be sourced from animals.

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Is lactic acid beneficial?

Lactic acid helps grow good bacteria inside our tummy. That improves our gut health and any digestion issues. Nowadays, some people have probiotic supplements that contain just the same thing.

Why don’t you just eat actual food that contains lactic acid and enjoy your meal more? As lactic acid improves the taste of the food, you are already in a better position than having probiotics.

Final thoughts

You may have lost your sleep thinking you had lactic acid, and you are guilty. Do not dwell on dark anymore. Lactic acid is vegan, and you can have it without a care in the world. Because it’s fantastic for your gut health.

If you crave yogurt, have some coconut milk yogurt. It tastes great, but don’t go overboard because it is entirely fat.

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