How To Make Vegan Soap?

Is there any better feeling than getting out of the shower with glowing skin? It’s possible when you are focusing on self-care more than anything.

But self-care doesn’t have to involve thousands of chemicals and ingredients that harmed the planet and animals.

how to make vegan soap

You can get soft, radiant, and glowing skin using a bar of natural vegan soap. Traditionally soaps were made of lard or animal fat.

But it’s possible to make soap with vegetable fat. We are going to give you a recipe for vegan soap. It’s vegan, cruel free and it will make your skin glow more than ever.

Easy Vegan Soap Recipe

Things you need

  • A kitchen scale
  • two glass bowl 
  • a wooden spoon for mixing
  • a stick blender
  • a soap mold 
  • some containers for measuring Iye, water, and oil
  • plastic wrap
  • a candy-making thermometer
  • chemical resistant gloves
  • safety goggles

Get ready for the soap making process

If you have long hair, wear your hair tied in the back and then wear safety goggles. Put on your gloves and wear a long-sleeved shirt. If you can wear pants and closed-toe shoes. Yeah, it seems super silly to take all the safety measures but it’s better to be safe than regret later. 

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I suggest making a smaller batch at first so that you do not mess up a lot of ingredients in case it does not turn out good. The soap will be moisturizing and will make good lather. Use a kitchen scale otherwise soap will not turn out good. The ingredients here will make a 4-ounce bar.

  • 170 gram of coconut oil
  • 283 gram of olive oil
  • 110 gram distilled water
  • 326 grams of lye
  • 2 tablespoon of any therapeutic essential oil you like. I prefer lavender most

Method of making vegan soap

Keep all the ingredients measured so that you can just pour everything right when you need to. I prefer to do the soap making process in an open place as you inhale less toxic fumes this way.

Step 1,

Take a bowl and pour your distilled water into it. Then gently pour the lye into the water. As you pour the lye stir it as well with the wooden spoon. If you don’t stir it well the lye will solidify at the bottom of the bowl. Set the bowl aside carefully as the temperature of the mixture is 150 degrees at this point. 

Step 2,

In another mixing bowl, pour your coconut and olive oil that you measured earlier. Warm it up in the microwave until it reaches the temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use your stove as well to heat the oil. Just measure the temperature with the candy making thermometer.

Step 3,

vegan soap recipe

Carefully pour the lye into the heated oil. Make sure both the lye and oil are around 100 to 120 Fahrenheit when you pour the lye. now stir the mixture with the help of a wooden spoon for some time. 

Step 4,

Now use your stick blender to combine both lye and the oils. Blend until the mixture thickens and creates a consistency of custard. Blend it for five minutes at high speed. 

Step 5,

When the oil and lye are combined well pour a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil. Then give another good mix with the blender to combine the essential oil.

Step 6,

Quickly prepare the mold for the soap. Put a plastic wrap on the mold so that it’s easier to get the soap out when it solidifies. You do not have to buy a soap mold for this. Just use any rectangular box and it will work. Cover the whole soap with plastic wrap otherwise the unwrapped part may turn ashy. 

Step 7,

Put it in a microwave for 24 hours. Do not turn it on. It’s just for incubating the soap. The soap goes through a process that goes from different stages and then turns into soap. So keep the soap undisturbed for a day.

Step 8,

Now you can cut your soap after 24 hours. Cut it into pieces that you find convenient. But do not use it yet. Let the soap sit for a week and then use the soap. At this time, the soap will still incubate and prepare. The more you let it sit the better foam it will make. 

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Final thoughts

See how easy it is to make your vegan soap. Now you do not have to research for hours before buying a mere soap so that it’s vegan and cruelty-free. But be careful about using essential oils in the soap.

Peppermint oil may tingle your private parts if used too much. Vanilla one will make the soap look ugly. Cinnamon will burn your skin. So stick to the fresh smell of citrus or lavender. 

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