Which Doritos is Vegan?

Chips are a guilty pleasure for all of us. Sadness or happiness it’s always the right time to open a pack of chips and indulge. Doritos was one of my staples for years. But recently just got to know that only three of all Doritos are vegan. So I did some research and want to share it with you about which Doritos is vegan.

Today we are going to talk about the flavors of Doritos and find out the vegan flavors of it. Because the internet’s most snack related question was which Doritos are vegan? We are going to find that here.

Why are most Doritos flavors not vegan?

Which Doritos is Vegan

As we all know that any animal-derived product is not vegan. Doritos contain flavors that are based on milk and chicken. The Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings and Salsa Verde contains chicken flavor. So it’s not vegan friendly without a doubt.

But the other flavors mostly are not vegan because those contain animal-derived rennet in the cheese. So it’s not vegan friendly either. It also contains whey, milk, and buttermilk. All are milk-based flavors that are not vegan.

The Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch are the classic taste but it’s not vegan. The ranch is made of oil and egg that is one kind of mayo. You can make it at home but when it’s from the store it’s not vegan most of the time.

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What are the vegan Doritos flavors?

Blaze Doritos

Blaze Doritos does not contain any animal-derived ingredient. It’s confirmed by your trusted PETA. So enjoy this flavor without hesitation.

Spicy sweet chili Doritos

This one is also free of any kind of animal products. PETA confirmed it being vegan. So you can get as much as you want of the Spicy Sweet chili flavor. it does contain anything that you should stay away from. But I guarantee it’s as good as the classic one that contains animal-derived ingredients.

Toasted Corn Tortilla Chips

The vegetarian resource group confirmed that the toasted corn tortilla flavor is vegan. It does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. So you only get three flavors of chips to eat as only three flavors of Doritos are vegan.

Doritos vegan

Are there any other vegan chips brands?

There are chip brands that do keep some vegan options. But you may not know about them much. Original Sun Chips is vegan, shocking I know.

Then comes the nostalgia Pringles. The original Pringles and the BBQ ones are vegan. The original and BBQ from Lay’s are also vegan. Fritos also has a vegan option. All these are our childhood favorites and as great to taste even today. You turning vegan cannot taste these chips away from you.

How Do I understand if my chips are not vegan?

You do not always have to google about your food if it’s vegan or not. With some simple knowledge, you can stop buying any animal-based products. That will help the community to do more damage to the animal kind. And that’s easily possible by reading ingredients.

If you see that the chips you are about to eat are made of cheese, chicken, or milk products then don’t buy them. Just a quick scan on the label will be enough,

Final thoughts

You have to always be careful about what you are consuming. Because we are what we eat. Any animal-derived ingredients can be bad for your diet. Because in most people dairy causes stomach problems.

It also has sentimental value. So go ahead and live your vegan life with the vegan flavored chips by Doritos. it’s not healthy but it does calm down the inner storm.

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