Is Botox Vegan?

If you want to name only one cosmetic procedure that’s super popular then its Botox. Botox makes the skin look radiant and wrinkle-free and there are some other benefits as well. But everything in this world comes with a price. 

Botox has a very expensive price that will not only shake your bank account but also animals. Thousands of animals get affected due to Botox every year. But there is the hope of light as more and more vegans are starting to talk about it.

Here we are going to talk about why Botox is not vegan approved and options you can go for. 

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What is Botox?

Botox is a short form of botulinum toxin that is widely used to improve the appearance of our skin. We get facial lines and wrinkles after a certain age. Sometimes it’s not appealing to us.

The chemical that is used in Botox, blocks the signal from your nerves to the muscle. That helps the muscle to relax and your wrinkle does not appear anymore. 

Is Botox Vegan?

If it’s a yes or no answer then the answer is no. If you still want to indulge yourself in the Botox treatment try the Botox that comes with an egg base. If you have an egg allergy then do not go for this one because this can trigger an allergy.

But why is Botox unsuitable for vegans?

Because it’s not cruelty-free. The chemical used in Botox may not have anything that’s animal-derived. But the chemical is tested on animals to see if it’s safe for humans or not. This leads the animals of those labs to have a miserable life and agonizing death at last. 

Botox is a kind of medicine that many countries made mandatory to test on animals. There is a ban on cosmetic animal testing by the European Union. As Botox is considered a medicine, the animal testing ban does not apply here.

That made the life of mice miserable as nearly 4 lacs of mice in Europe alone are killed for Botox. The mice get different doses of Botox in their abdomen. The side effects cause them respiratory distress, paralysis, impaired vision, and slow death at last.

Is Botox Vegan
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Are there any side effects of Botox?

Botox is fun as it makes our wrinkle disappear easily. Botox is addictive and has some side effects. You can have headaches, fever, chills, or swelling after getting a Botox. These side effects are more common if you haven’t gone to a good professional. If it’s injected correctly in a small amount it’s safe most of the time. 

Can we get a cruelty free Botox?

The workforce for a cruelty-free Botox is going in full swing. Leading brands of Botox are trying to switch to cell-based tests so that animal testing is stopped. The German and French companies are all set to reduce animal testing to 95% with the cell-based assays. The wait is not over yet but we can see a ray of hope for cruelty-free Botox. 

Is there any alternative for vegans?

If you are asking for an alternative to Botox then there are plenty. But those will not be as effective as the Botox. There are facial patches available that eliminate wrinkles and fine lines visibly.

Also, good skin care can improve the wrinkle situation if you are consistent with it. Make a religious skin care routine with help of a dermatologist and follow it. There are so many anti-aging creams approved by PETA that you can use. 

Laser treatment is another great option for wrinkles and fine lines. It’s vegan and great for regenerating collagen into your skin. This gives radiant skin and makes wrinkles appear less. 

Final thoughts

Nothing is more precious than a life without even great wrinkle-free skin. If the chain of cruel animal testing is broken the future world will be a better place. Also, Botox is not healthy for our bodies. Find a better alternative to Botox and find peace.

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