Are Tortilla Chips Vegan?

A lazy Sunday night with a movie is the best combination. But it is not complete if you do not have something to munch on. Chips will always be our guilty pleasure, be it potato or tortilla or any other if there is anything comparable to potato chips that is tortilla chips. But is it vegan?

Like all the food as a vegan, you should ask this question. Tortilla chips are generally vegan. But there can be some exceptions.  So, are tortilla chips vegan? Let’s discuss that here.

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are tortilla chips vegan

Is restaurant-style tortilla chips vegan?

Freshly made tortilla chips in Mexican restaurants are mostly vegan. You will find them tastier than any other found in the market. The way they make the tortilla chips does not require any animal products. The corn tortillas they make freshly are cut and then fried in the oil.

Before you start eating those, ask your server if the tortilla chips are fried in separate oil. Restaurants have baskets where they fry everything. If that oil contaminates the tortilla chips, it will not be vegan anymore.

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Are store-bought tortillas vegan?

Tortilla chips are vegan, even if those are store-bought. But be aware of those who have flavoring in them. Flavors can be lime, rancho, or nachos anything. These flavors can contain dairy, which is not for vegans. Always make sure you read the ingredients list when you are trying to buy something. It lowers the chance of buying something that you do not believe in or allergic to.

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How do I make my vegan tortilla chips?

Making tortilla chips is easier than anything. Even if you are not so great at cooking, you can do it. You can make your tortilla chips with flour or cornflower. Making tortilla with flour will not turn tasty as it tends to get dry after frying. Corn tortilla will take your time to cook, but it will get crispy and crunchy later.

Make a dough with cornflour and then make tortillas with it. Knead the dough very well to get a smooth texture. If you don’t want to face all these, use the store-bought corn tortillas. And make sure those are vegan too. And then cut the tortilla into the desired shape and fry. Do not fry at high temperature because it will burn the tortillas before becoming crispy. Fry the chips in medium heat, and it will turn amazing.

Now that you have your homemade tortilla chips, you decide how you want to eat it. Make a spice mixture for the chips if you’re going to eat it just like this. Or nachos is not a bad idea either.

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tortilla chips vegan

Are tortilla chips healthy?

It’s a tough question to answer. Generally, things that we munch on when we are sad or watching something aren’t that great. Comfort eating itself is an unhealthy thing to do. But if you are going to do it anyway, then it’s a better option to eat corn tortilla. Because gluten is not great for our body.

For celiac people, it’s the absolute worst. So those can take comfort in eating tortilla chips. Corn contains calcium, iron, and copper, and you will get these benefits from the chips. If you are concerned about the oil that you use will add calories, then air fry it. It will taste good.

Final thoughts

The food industry concentrates so much on non-vegan stuff that vegan food is not near hands all the time. When you find vegan tortilla chips, you should not lose the opportunity. But keep your health first because the sodium in tortilla chips is enough to overdo sodium intake. So eat it in moderation.

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