Greetings! I am Marilyn Parker, the proud editor behind VeganFie, where we affectionately refer to ourselves as “The Vegan Experts.

Marilyn Parker, Founder of
Marilyn Parker

VeganFie stands as an exclusive digital haven devoted to all things vegan. Our dynamic team comprises devoted practicing vegans who, while choosing to remain anonymous, are fervently eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences with the global community.

At VeganFie, we take immense pride in our captivating “Did you know” series, where we thoughtfully unravel the most frequently asked questions within the vegan community. Whether you’re an enthusiastic newcomer or a seasoned veteran, our primary objective is to offer comprehensive answers and profound insights tailored to each individual’s needs.

To ensure the utmost credibility and comprehensiveness of our content, our panel of experts melds personal experiences with in-depth research. We strongly believe that by blending real-life encounters with well-founded studies, we can empower and guide our audience toward a rewarding and enriching vegan journey.

Our unwavering commitment is to establish VeganFie as the paramount and most reliable destination for all vegan-related inquiries. As our platform continues to flourish, we aspire to become the primary resource for individuals seeking trustworthy information, invaluable tips, and a nurturing community to support them along their vegan path.

Join us at VeganFie as we embark on a mission to ignite inspiration, foster education, and revolutionize the vegan movement. Together, let’s cultivate a kinder, healthier, and more compassionate world, one plant-based step at a time.

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