What is Vegan Lobster?

vegan lobster

Vegan lobster sounds like vegan food. But how can lobster be vegan? It started in ancient China where monks cannot eat non-vegan food like fish, meat, and lobster. So they … Read More

Which Doritos is Vegan?

Which Doritos is Vegan

Chips are a guilty pleasure for all of us. Sadness or happiness it’s always the right time to open a pack of chips and indulge. Doritos was one of my … Read More

How To Make Vegan Gummy Bears?

vegan gummy bears

Are you and your little munchkin obsessed with gummy bears? Are you guys sad that you cannot have gummy bears anymore as you turned to a vegan diet? Well, no … Read More

How to make vegan buttermilk?

vegan buttermilk

A fluffy and jiggly pancake or a moist cake all these are made easy with buttermilk. Buttermilk works like a supporting friend to baking soda. It helps the baking soda … Read More

Easy Vegan Frosting Recipe

Vegan Frosting Recipe

When I started going vegan my nonvegan friends said that you have to settle for not so tasty desserts. Most delicious desserts are made of dairy and eggs. As a … Read More

How to Make Vegan Caramel?

Vegan Caramel recipe

When we hear the word caramel, our initial thought is it is loaded with milk, butter, and cream. But as a vegan, those are just red flags for us! As … Read More

How To Make Vegan Soap?

how to make vegan soap

Is there any better feeling than getting out of the shower with glowing skin? It’s possible when you are focusing on self-care more than anything. But self-care doesn’t have to … Read More